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4 Steps To Opening An Online Business

online_businessWelcome to “4 Steps To Opening An Online Business”.

First I want to introduce you to online business, how to put it in perspective and then we will move on and discuss each step.


Opening An Online Business – Introduction

Starting an online business is much the same as building an offline business.  Depending on what you are trying to do and how you plan on creating your business will determine the kind of effort and cost you will want to invest in yourself to get started.

You can actually create a business online starting with no money, yet eventually you will have to come out of pocket:

  • To learn how to do it.   (Education)
  • To own your own websites (Online Real Estate)
  • To maintain and grow (Become Established)

Responsibly investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for you and your online business.  The cost of an online business compared to an offline business doesn’t even compare unless you are having someone else build it for you.  What fun is that?  A true entrepreneur is hands on…

Let’s Put It In Perspective

When it comes to making money, most people that come to the internet are looking for ways to make money from home, to create apart time income online or even to create a full time income online.  Starting, creating and building a business online is not hard to do.  It does however require your presence, your efforts and your hard work.

You can go ahead and throw away the mindset that you are going to start a business today and tomorrow you will have bank.  The worst thing you can do to yourself and your business is believe all the hype you hear from all those guru scammers out there.  You will probably make a buck or two off of them but they will make a boat load off of you and then leave you lying in the dirt covered with their shoe prints and you will quit.  (That means Fail).

introductionThis Is Your Introduction

The fact that you are thinking of or want to create your own online business is your introduction to your online business reality.  The Introduction is actually the beginning of the whole process.  Keep it REAL and Keep it ETHICAL and YOU WILL GO FAR.  So now that you have been introduced to Your Online Business it’s time to get started.

Come on, let’s go to Step #1 and find out how to get started so we can get you on your way to Step #4 Making Bank.  Bank is money by the way.  That’s what it’s all about right?

Further Reading – STEP #1


If you are serious about making money online and having “Your OWN Online Business” read all of the 4 Steps To Opening An Online Business series, Create an account and set up your profile so I can find you (my profile name is rwood), try it for free as long as you like.   I know you will be happy with it and if you are you will be on your way to SUCCESS.  NEVER STOP LEARNING…

14 thoughts on “4 Steps To Opening An Online Business

  1. Anyone who follows these steps will become a success. I would HIGHLY recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the place to start for anyone NEW to the online business world.

  2. You are definitely right about the difference in costs between a physical business and an online business. An online business is significantly cheaper. However, they are very similar in the fact that you still have to put a lot of time into them to establish a customer base and getting your first couple of sales takes a long time.

    If you are truly motivated to be your own boss, you will not let these challenges stop you. Many people live the lives that they always wanted working online and most of them spent years building it.

  3. Hi, Randy. You are right about this, if we want to have our successful online business, the most important thing is, we must be ourselves and be an ethical for our website content. Enjoy to read this post! 🙂

  4. Excellent post here, Randy.

    I look forward to reading all of your steps to opening an online business. Thanks very much for the introduction and for step 1.

    Exciting times ahead 😀


        • Hey Neil. Sure

          To cap it all in a nut shell I actually started way back with MLM because I wanted (needed) extra money. Honestly it was quite brutal but I stuck with it for nearly 2 years before I decided it was not going to work for me much like it doesn’t for most. I was plugged in daily, went to conventions and all the extra miles.

          During that time I had found a mentor that was teaching me online marketing “so I thought”. Turned out to be very short lived. After being led into every dead end money draining scam you could imagine I finally threw in the towel and completely walked away from my dream of working from home and making money online.

          After a while I still had that dream and knew that it is possible. I am not blind to what the internet is!!! I learned not to go online and just jump in without some research first. I demand a legitimate work from home business as well as share it with others to keep as many as possible from going through what I and so many have gone through.

          That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate and that is what I use this particular website for. There is no looking back and there is no regret for what I had gone through because of all that I learned.

          That’s it in a nut shell Neil. Thanks for asking. Randy

  5. Great work on your site Randy, you’ve covered a lot of ground about Wealthy Affiliate. Visitors I’m sure will find it very informative, best of luck to you.


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